A Special Time in London

At the London Film and Comic Con, many people came and went visiting David Hasselhoff. One family inparticular caught David's attention. The Miller family came with their son, Ethan, who has been diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes and I.T.P. and has to go to the hospital twice a week.  David was very friendly and spent time talking with Ethan about Spongebob and KITT. David shared the family's thanks on his Facebook and Twitter.

My family and I met David Hasselhoff on saturday at London Film and Comic Con. He was very friendly and spent time talking with my son Ethan, telling him that he knows Sponge Bob and K.I.T.T. Is his best friend, Ethan loved it. Ethan hasn’t been well lately, he has type1 diabetes and has just been diagnosed with I.T.P. As well. He has to go to the hospital twice a week so they can keep an eye on his blood levels. After his visit to the hospital yesterday they told us his blood levels were at a save level. I think this is largely due to the great day he had on saturday and meeting The Hoff, whom he is a big fan of, as is the whole family  If you have contact with David please could you pass on my deepest thanks to him.

After we shared the family's story a few days ago, the family contacted us with some additional photos and a video to share. Lee Miller had this to say.

 Then later that week I met David again at a casino in Stratford, where when he arrived he came straight over to me as he recognised me amd asked how Ethan was, he then did a video message to Ethan and asked me to stay the rest of the evening as his guest and play some of the casino games with him. I had a fantastic time.

David has been known to dedicate a lot of time and money to many charities around the world. He's also toured children's hospitals and is always trying to make dreams come true. This is what sets him apart from most other celebrities - always setting time for fans and children to make their day a little brighter. He takes time to sign autographs and treat fans like people.[gallery order="DESC" orderby="title"]

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