David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts at UKTV Live Launch

David Hasselhoff was at the UKTV Live Launch to promote his show on Dave called Hoff the Record. He held a Q&A session about his new show, which is due to air in 2015. It's a semi-improvised comedy in a documentary-style that follows his quest to relaunch his career in the UK after five divorces and a barrage of bad choices.David says the fictional show is kind of a "highlighted version of my life," comparing the show to Curb Your Enthusiasm, one of his favorite shows. "Almost everything in the show [Hoff the Record] has happened to me," he says.He also quipped: "I think my whole life is improv. ... I'm trying to figure out how to lead a normal life." Discussing the tone of the show, he said: "We are going to definitely insult a few people," but he will be getting insulted most.More at the Daily Mail and Hollywood Reporter.