David Hasselhoff Filming in New Malden

David Hasselhoff Filming in New MaldonDavid Hasselhoff has been seen filming in New Malden, England, apparently for his new DAVE comedy, Hoff the Record.Elisse Thompson, 37, who works in the High Street, said: "I managed to get a picture - it was like two minutes in between him filming and coming out again. He was filming with a little girl in a dressing gown."He put his arm around me and said it's nice to feel a tall lady. And then he was back on set again - that's my only brush with fame."Fan Phil Burdekin, 38, who works for Flight Centre in CI Tower, said: “It was very surreal to see David Hasselhoff on a wet Wednesday morning in New Malden.“He was quite welcoming. He was happy to take a few pictures. When I was younger he was a bit of a hero in our household. Knight Rider and Baywatch would come on back-to-back in the eighties.”Source: YourLocalGuardian.co.ukNew today: