Game: Hoff Zombie Beach

 Hoff Zombie BeachDavid Hasselhoff has a new iOS game for fans to try out. It's called Hoff Zombie Beach, and players defend the beach as the Hoff using different methods, or weapons. Defend your sand castles, upgrade your weapons and clear the beach of all zombies.The app is voiced by the Hoff, has hilarious weapons including bird bombs, goo gun and Hoff concerts. Numerous zombies are sunbathers, pirates and even undead fans! There's a Hoff sound board and a Hoff twitter feed included.David tells Wired, "I love zombies -- who doesn't?" [Cue much laughter] He explains the premise, and the highlights: "It's a funny game, we made a zombie out of Pamela Anderson and different people we know and they keep coming at you. I drive up in the Knight Rider car and say 'surf's up brain dead' and shoot them with a nerf gun. I have a secret weapon where I can actually sing, and the people explode because they hate my voice."The game is available for iOS 4.3 or later with a recent iOS 8 compatibility fix. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It costs 99 cents on the App Store.We could not find any information for Android ports.Hoff Zombie Beach