Newsreaders: David Hasselhoff Tells All

This Friday/Saturday at Midnight EST, David Hasselhoff tells all about his time on Knight Rider on Adult Swim's Newsreaders. Adult Swim shares space on Cartoon Network.Newsreaders is a satire, comedic news show.Louis La Fonda is no Wolf Blitzer. He's the host of "Newsreaders," a newsmagazine show that goes in-depth on stories that no other news organizations think are stories -- probably because they're not. But that won't stop La Fonda from covering them. "Newsreaders" features appearances by guest stars, including actors Dave Foley, Dennis Haysbert and Mary Lynn Rajskub. The show was created by the executive producers of fellow Adult Swim entry "Childrens Hospital," on which "Newsreaders" began as a recurring segment.Click the image above for the video, or visit Adult Swim's site here.Please check local listings for times.

Source: Adult Swim