Hundreds of Extras Needed for Hasselhoff Film

Want to be in Legend of the Dancing Ninja? David will be there on Thursday for a UFC style fight scene and they need hundreds of extras for the audience.

So you want to be in the movies . . .Anyone over the age of 15 who can spare 12 hours on Thursday will have the opportunity to act as an unpaid extra on the set of Dancing Ninja.But don’t just show up, says Drew Scott, the production’s second assistant co-ordinator.There will a number of prizes, but to be eligible extras must first e-mail“They must e-mail us confirmation if they will be attending in order to be listed for the prize giveaways,” Scott said.Prizes include money, and movie and dinner passes.The extras will be required to be at the Langley Events Centre from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.The film, which stars David Hasselhoff and Lucas Grabeel, is a sequel/spinoff of Beverly Hills Ninja, and tells the story of a Caucasian baby named Ikki. Washed ashore after a shipwreck, the baby is adopted by a couple and grows up in the exotic and visually dazzling environment of the urban Far East.Always an outsider, Ikki is tormented by nightmares of the shipwreck and plagued by violent sleeping-fighting sequences.Extras are required to be part of the audience at a fight.“In these scenes we are set up like a UFC style kick-off event,” Scott said, adding that the film is a PG-rated light comedy, so the ‘fight’ event will be neither intense nor violent.“This will be a great chance to become a part of a feature film,” he said, adding that all the stars, including Hasselhoff and Grabeel, will be on the set at some time during filming.There are unsubstantiated reports that Hasselhoff, who made his name in Baywatch and Knight Rider, was recently seen at Langley City’s Cascades Casino.Grabeel, 24, is an actor, singer, songwriter, director and producer best known for his role as Ryan Evans in the 2006 movie, High School Musical and its sequels.
From BC Local News