Hasselhoff Meets Fans at Aldergrove Set

As we told you last week, Teigin visited the set of Legend of the Dancing Ninja and participated as an extra in the movie. Today, the Aldergrove Star wrote an article depicting the events of that day, and gives us a rundown on the movie plot.

David Hasselhoff was surrounded by adoring fans, their outstretched hands clutching photos of the tall, dark and handsome actor. They wanted his autograph.Then he is distracted, and the moment is over. The fans dissipate."Cut!" Quincy Wheeler calls from a platform 10 feet from the action, and Hasselhoff walks away.In between takes, Hasselhoff, dressed in a purple suit and red shirt, fancy silver cowboy boots and sporting a pony tail from his famous head of hair, breezes past, chatting amiably with the crew of Dancing Ninja, a movie in which he stars along with Lucas Grabeel.A sequel/spinoff of Beverly Hills Ninja, Dancing Ninja tells the story of a Caucasian baby named Ikki. Washed ashore after a shipwreck, the baby is adopted by a couple and grows up in the exotic and visually dazzling environment of the urban Far East.Always an outsider, Ikki is tormented by nightmares of the shipwreck and plagued by violent sleeping-fighting sequences.In the scene with the fans, Hasselhoff plays a celebrity announcer at an Ultimate Fighting Championship.The Times has been invited onto the set, but is instructed not to ask questions of the star whose roles in Baywatch and Knight Rider made him an international star.No photographs can be taken during film and, Wheeler had warned, be prepared to be patient.There are four more takes of the autograph scene, and then Hasselhoff, 57, walks off the set. Despite the lighting for the scene, he is cold. Most of the crew members wear winter coats as they go about their work around the set which is housed in a huge south Aldergrove barn converted to a studio.After several minutes, it looks as though the opportunity of a photo of Hasselhoff is lost, but Wheeler calls him back.He introduces the actor who has a firm handshake. Smiling, Hasselhoff readily agrees to re-do the scene just for The Times.That done, he leaves the set, returns to his trailer and is last seen driving off in an SUV with Alberta licence plates.When it is released next summer, Dancing Ninjas will go straight to DVD in North America and be released in theatres in Asia and Europe.

From the Aldergrove Star