The Hasselhoffs Arrive in Germany

 As always when David Hasselhoff goes to Germany it is really hectic with tons of news articles, television appearances, and mobs following him around the country. So it begins!Mail Online tops off the first article today with David, Hayley, and Taylor sightseeing in Berlin. I posted a few links on Twitter of photos on Hoffspace - which is also abuzz with all the news - and I'm sure there will be more to follow.Articles:• Mail Online: Sorry Hayley, I’M huge here:   David Hasselhoff and daughter hit Germany• Die Hoffs in Berlin• Hasselhoff has to do with the fall of the wall but nothing (Google Translated)• David Hasselhoff on Track (Google Translated)Photos:• David, Taylor and Hayley Sightseeing in Berlin• David and Bella Vida in Berlin• Sightseeing in Berlin• Hasselhoff Family Photos• "The Hoff is Back" Photo Call (Getty)Also be sure to keep an eye on the Official tour schedule at Hasselhoff-Foundation.