Dancing with the Stars: Wrap Up

It was unfortunate that David and Kym were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, it shocked the fans, the producers, and even the other dancers. While we are all very proud of David, and did our best with the voting, we'll still be able to see him perform live on stage. He'll be in Laughlin today until Sunday performing at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort and Casino. In case you missed his performance on Dancing with the Stars, check these videos out. David uploaded tons of behind the scenes videos from working on the show, so head on over to Hoffspace to view those.Entertainment Weekly had a long, wonderful article with David after he and Kym found out they were eliminated. The Executive Producer was "downright bummed" David and Kym were eliminated right away. David says he hopes Kym Johnson will join him on stage in Laughlin for a surprise "Sex Bomb" dance. He told Kym tonight, "Life is a journey. Whatever happens, we breathe in God, we breathe out smiles. There’s a reason for everything." He continued, "And you know what? We had a blast. As long as you give everything you’ve got in life, there are no regrets.”If you're interested in more information about his Laughlin performances this week, check out this article Hayley posted over at Hoffspace. David's Q&A with the Laughlin EntertainerEven though David was eliminated, you can still win a t-shirt from us! Just come up with a new "Hoff" phrase and tweet, email, or post in the comments what it is. Contest runs until October 2! We've already received a bunch of submissions, so don't forget to get yours in by Saturday, Oct. 2!Watch the videos under the cut.