David Hasselhoff in Laughlin

Laughlin (or Hofflin) is a pretty city, loved walking down by the river and seeing all the boats out. When I drove into the parking lot we saw the awesome Riverside Casino & Resort sign all lit up with David's name and they even had a little video of him performing.• See the photo galleryI stayed at the hotel and hoped I would see him out and about, but didn't, unfortunately. It ended up being okay, because I had a front row seat for the concert. I sat in the corner between the stage and the steps. I think it was one of the best seats in the theater.Before the concert started, I bought a glossy photo to get signed along with my autobiography, "Don't Hassel the Hoff." David came out from a side door in the beginning, and walked through the crowd singing and shaking hands with fans. The theater looked full, I'm glad so many people came out to see him. He walked up the stairs to the stage and started his performance with the Hoffettes. They played a video that you can see on Youtube showing the shows he's been in and his projects.He even danced with a lucky woman!He came out afterwords and did a few songs. He did a little speech about Knight Rider, and that we'll be able to see some bloopers from shooting Knight Rider. He warned of profanity. The video was really funny, he had a lot of fun with marking cameras.Myself, my friend Amy, Jennifer from KRO (IHeartKITT) and her sister had dinner with Paul Casey that night before the show and he wanted us to stand up and scream during the song where David is in the 3-piece suit. So, when David came out for that number, we counted to 3 and all stood up and screamed for David. It was hilarious, because David looked at us and smiled, I think he was even trying to hold back laughter while he was singing.He talked about his days on the Young and the Restless, and then when he came back to the show earlier this year. He thought it was funny that Snapper came back to the hospital after 24 years, and no one asked where he was.He sat down at the piano later on and started taking off his tie. So several of the girls in the audience (us included) started woo'ing. That was funny also, because he was getting all embarrassed it seemed. He chuckled a little and smiled. A little later in the show he mentioned he was working on a song with the country group Lonestar. I'm not a country fan myself, but I knew the song and it's actually one that I really like. However, I don't remember what the name of it is.He then did a speech about Sammy Davis Jr., and said the song goes out to his mom's favorite performer, and his, Sammy Davis Jr. David said that we should all check out the book, "Yes I Can" by Sammy Davis Jr. that is about forging ahead and just say "Yes I can" no matter what life throws at you.David sang "Jump in my Car" at another point in the concert, and that was entertaining. We got up and danced a little. I think it was this song that David walked out in the crowd again. He also sang "Unchain my heart."One of the songs David decided to come to the steps and sit down right next to us. He sort of serenaded me for a little while, he leaned over towards me and sang. After a little bit, he did the same to the girl that was sitting on the other side of the stairs. That was really cool, I wish someone had gotten a picture of that.Photo courtesy: Jennifer Catano. Just off to the right of David is where I was sitting.After the show we waited in line to meet David and get autographs. It was only about 10 mins, while David got ready to come out. We chatted with Natalie and Renee in line while we waited. My friend Amy was telling me David was "freakishly tall" and I laughed, because we're both around the 5'3" to 5'4" range, so he's at least a foot taller then both of us.David Hasselhoff and IDavid came out and he signed my photo and my book. He was very nice, he's not like other celebrities that just sit at the table and sign things and move on to the next person. He actually had conversations with us and I really liked that. He liked Jennifer's shirt - she was wearing the KITT voice modulator shirt that animates with sound - and he asked her where she got it and wanted one. He was very gracious and gave us some photos with him.Don't forget to check out my complete photo gallery.