David Arrives at Bondi Beach

BAYWATCH star David Hasselhoff created some waves at Bondi beach today, running and dancing along the sand as part of a promotion for Streets ice-cream.

“Splice rooooooocks!,” he shrilled after disembarking a rubber ducky on the shore.Aided by a troop of “Splice savers” – AKA models in red bikinis – the Knight Rider actor threw out the ice blocks to awestruck beachgoers, most of who did not know about his scheduled appearance on the iconic strip.When quizzed about his favourite thing about Australia, the perennial ladies man quipped, "The two things that are walking next to me," referring to the swimsuit-clad models by his side.When questioned about the origins of his now infamous nickname The Hoff, the TV icon was quick to cite Australia."The Hoff action started here and now. Whereever I go, I'm no longer David Hasselhoff, I'm 'The Hoff'. So my message is - don't hassel The Hoff!," he said.
Article: from Herald Sun / Video from Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph:

His favourite thing about Australia?"Splice."His New Year resolution?"To eat lots of Splice."Oh please Hoff, do put a Splice in it.