David Visits Gold Coast

From Sydney Morning Herald

David arrived at the Gold Coast this morning to hand out some more ice treats from Splice. He also asked beach goers to donate to the Queensland flood victims. Check out more photos here.

Surrounded by models wearing Baywatch-style red swimsuits and carrying cooler bags full of ice cream, "The Hoff" greeted fans and media all smiles.After throwing ice creams into the air he stopped to shake hands with a real-life hero, Gold Coast chief lifeguard Warren Young."You're 60?" asked Hasselhoff. "I'm 58, yeah we still got it."The American actor then made his way up the dunes as crowd controllers worked to stop dozens of young girls getting too close."Sign me, sign me!" one teenager screamed, pushing her way towards Hasselhoff.Another youngster questioned: "Who is it? Can I get some free stuff?"Speaking to TV cameras, the star urged people to donate to Queensland's flood victims, saying the state was home to his favourite place to relax, the Great Barrier Reef."I got a lot of friends down here, this is fantastic," he said.Gold Coast mum Melissa Mueller made the special trip to the beach today when she heard Hasselhoff would be making an appearance."I remember him from Knight Rider," she said.Maddy May, 18, and friend Bre Bailey, 19, were already at the beach when they heard Hasselhoff was coming.Although Baywatch was "a bit before our time", they recognised the star."It definitely made my day," said Bailey. "It's the closest I've been to a celebrity."