David Hasselhoff in New Zealand

From GoldCoast.com.au and NZHerald.co.nz

DAVID Hasselhoff might look good surrounded by bikini babes but he is not about to take on the Gold Coast's chief lifeguard Warren Young.Yesterday he said the evergreen Mr Young, dubbed the Silver Fox, would 'kill him' if it came down to a one-on-one match in the surf and sand.Here to promote an ice-cream and with eight local Splice girls in tow, the Bulletin asked The Hoff, 58, if he would challenge Mr Young, 60.''He would kill me. We're about the same age but he has a couple of years on me,'' he said.''It's amazing that these lifeguards stay in magnificent shape their whole life  they're the real deal.

''I've made a few rescues in my time but you know I'm an actor and you look at that guy (Mr Young) and, when he hugged me, it was that tight.''These guys still walk the walk. I don't know if I could keep up with him but I keep up with me.''Mr Young, who has been a lifeguard for 37 years, said although he was not surrounded by a bevy ov beauties in real life, he liked how Baywatch brought lifeguarding into the public.

''It was pretty realistic because a lot of things happen when you lifeguard but I still enjoy it,'' he said.''It's the sort of thing where you have to keep fit  if you carry the rescue gear you have to take the name and the blame.''I enjoy the ocean and I enjoy looking after people.''He (Hasselhoff) looks like a pretty fit sort of guy and he's done really well.''It was only a quick stopover for The Hoff, who later flew to New Zealand.He said he loved the Gold Coast's sunshine and would definitley be back later in the year, possibly looking to buy an apartment.''That's the thing about Australia -- everyone has fun with life and is always in good shape,'' he said.''Every time I come down here all the guys are in better shape than me, the women are beautiful and everyone is healthy with a great take on life.''And for The Hoff it's boardies over budgie smugglers every time.