Don't Hassel The Hoff! - Interview with Welt Online

Thanks to Elmar for the tip

David was interviewed by a German newspaper today, Welt Online. Until I get a better translation, here is the Google Translator version. You can check out the original article in german here.

How to Hasseln the Hoff? Maybe with questions about the alcohol?Two years ago it seemed unthinkable that he ever comes back to get away from the beds of the Betty Ford rehabilitation clinic in California. 2007, a video ended up on the web. We see how he wants drunk polish off a cheeseburger.During his appearance at the MTV Music Awards 2009, he had to hold on at the table. The star seemed finally settled.Today he plays again, screaming in front of millions of fans, the main target group of women under 30 I'm 26th And get an appointment for a telephone interview. I catch him in the afternoon on the way from Vienna to Linz, his last tour stop before Frankfurt. He sits in a good mood in the car and eating Wiener schnitzel, he says.David Hasselhoff: Hi!Welt am Sonntag: Hi, Mr. Hasselhoff. What do you have to? Only for the idea, I can not see you at last.David Hasselhoff: I wear a black shirt with a leather jacket over it and jeans.World on Sunday: Fine. Inka Bause you know?David Hasselhoff: Ink who?World on Sunday: A German television presenter, who broadcast a lonely farmers hofwilligen verkuppelt in women. And since you soon will be owner of the farm ...David Hasselhoff: No, I have a farm in Hasselhof taken into consideration, but I've never been there. I've found out that my true roots are in Völkersen (a village in Lower Saxony, the editor). There came my great-great grandfather.And with the television channel RTL I did this a special program in which we have searched for Hasselhoff's in Völkersen. And we have actually found people with whom I am related, great. RTL has the documents to prove it.

Welt am Sonntag: But contact with one of Hasselhoff's in Germany more than you do not?David Hasselhoff: Well, the Hasselhoff's Völkersen from which I used with directly, who as a Kartoffelhof!Welt am Sonntag: Would you then not actually in her neighborhood Völkersen instead settle on Hasselhoff near Kassel?David Hasselhoff: Well, I did not have the resources, now right after the gas station next to the exit and go there too. Now I am first time in Austria. And I can only say that I'm still not entirely resolved, in terms of the Hasselhoff.World on Sunday: You are back on tour. Will we get to see the old Hoff?David Hasselhoff: Yes, a lot of things are still the first for the tour, a lot of the songs that I sing.World on Sunday: Wear leather jacket again with the funny lights turn the ones of 1989?David Hasselhoff: Yes, they will be there. The original jacket, baby, 20 years later!

Welt am Sonntag: Your daughters will occur with - is that still your site or will ever be properly advertised band Bella Vida for her?David Hasselhoff: No, my daughters will accompany me a few gigs in and for Los Angeles back to her album work then. This is just to have fun together, to act and to show how good they are. I wish they could play more often with me, I miss her.Welt am Sonntag: So the tour is over, "Hoff" as Bella Vida. Who actually gave you that nickname?David Hasselhoff: The gave me no, that just happened. It started in Australia, where secretaries faxes sent me this title, they made fun of David Hasselhoff, in a nice way, they asked me how it feels to be with 50, a sex symbol, and so went mails with "The Hoff" back and forth. And then I came up with "Do not hassel the Hoff" and so took all of his run. Crazy.Welt am Sonntag: What did we expect too?David Hasselhoff: I will quit Tour back to London go, Britain's Got Talent "stop" and then return to America. There will be a new "Knight Rider" movie rotate and work on more music. I will make more of a show in New York more "The Rat Pack" and make Germany more hits. Each country is different. And I just go to where God made me sit ally.Welt am Sonntag: What city in Germany can look forward to most?David Hasselhoff: I'm not sure. I think Berlin. Still looking for freedom in Berlin. It is always a great feeling to perform in Berlin. This city has something very special. A place in my heart. With the wall, I was allowed to sing there, and now I sing because 20 years later, a million people, and I on stage. In a spectacular laser light show, and 20 years later, people still sing my songs about freedom, that's incredible. And this time I brought my daughters, so I think that I will enjoy most on the tour.Welt am Sonntag: What was the best in Berlin?David Hasselhoff: The greatest moment was with my older daughter, the belly of her mother in 1989 has already witnessed the appearance. And now 20 years later with her to come back and show her where I was singing - an incredible moment.World on Sunday: Most of the people who helped produce your album A are German.David Hasselhoff: Yes, I did with Jack White in loose-Berlin!Welt am Sonntag: Would you actually participating as a serious musician or fallen with Star's former drinking problem called?David Hasselhoff: What is the definition of a serious musician? I take my music very seriously. I have played all over the world, sold over eleven million records, and that is to take very seriously. I think I'm an entertainer. I was standing on Broadway, the West End have occurred with Mel Brooks, I've played twice before two million spectators in Berlin, I have made from rock festivals to country music show everything.World on Sunday: Have you never really angry at your daughter Taylor-Ann because of the cheeseburger video?David Hasselhoff: Yes. Because they did it for love. I was just angry because it was seen on the web. Because the press has made public.World on Sunday: Do you now know who has uploaded the video?David Hasselhoff: That was a private video. I was never angry with my daughter that she did it. But I'm mad at the press. How would you find it? I'm angry because the press has blown it so!World on Sunday: Was it the press that it has uploaded?David Hasselhoff: I know who it was. But that does not concern you. This is my private life.David Hasselhoff: Mister Hasselhoff is more excited, his voice cracks. "What would you say if you go with your dad at the zoo, someone is filming it and puts it into the net?" He asked. Then he hangs up. The interview is over. And no dead zone is to blame. As it was still the same? Exactly: Do not hassel the Hoff! The management reported a day later. Whether I was wondering something wrong? No, no, align Mr. Hasselhoff clear whether we are next Sunday in Berlin - and that the interview "a real good feeling" was. Aha.