Living with the Hoff


Scott Mills is the envy of this office. Why? Because the Radio One DJ spent a whole week in the company of the living legend that is David Hasselhoff. Scott, who was making a TV show about this experience of a lifetime (no, we’re not exaggerating), gave Celebs the goss…

Cos The Hoff (Pic Sm )

The house… His huge house in Bel Air didn’t disappoint in it’s Hofflikeness – there were gold discs of his records everywhere, Baywatch box-sets, the lot. There’s a room that he calls the ‘Hoffice’. In the Hoffice there are cardboard cut-outs of him, Knight Rider lunch boxes, Hoff T-shirts and Baywatch jackets. It was brilliant. His fridge is really weirdly organised – someone with OCD must have sorted it, everything is pointed outwards. I’m not sure if it’s him or the maid. And his bathroom was like a small branch of Superdrug, he has so many beauty products. He’s got loads of fake tan. I didn’t see any hair dye, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.The staff… There’s a big massive minder bloke called Joe, and he has a couple of maids and a really posh English assistant. He goes, ‘Where are my sunglasses?’ Can I have some food?’ and someone is there. He doesn’t have to do anything for himself. Which is a good job, because he’s properly disorganised. He goes at a million miles an hour, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing from one moment to the next.The lifestyle… We went jet-skiing on the beach where he used to do Baywatch. He didn’t run down the sand for me, though. He’s just a bit too old. Then we got a private jet to Las Vegas, where we went to a bar called the Hofbrau, which he frequents. While he was there he got on stage and started singing in German – even though there were no Germans in there at all, just lots of fat Americans. They all got on tables shouting, ‘Hoff, Hoff, Hoff!’ When you go out with him, it’s bonkers. Everywhere you go, within seconds there are lots of people there. That night we had to share a suite. Not a bed, though. There were no pyjama parties, he just locked himself in his room.The diva moments… We had a barbecue together and I burnt the steaks. He had a diva moment then, he wasn’t happy about that. And he flounced off from the cameraman too, because he wasn’t doing something right, I’m not sure what. I just stayed quiet when that happened…The clean-living… The Hoff gets up very early and goes for a walk. No boozing any more. He just drinks energy drinks and water all the time – he’s bouncing off a lot of walls. And I’ve never seen anyone drink that much coffee. I was quite exhausted by the end of my stay, I felt like I needed a holiday.

Cos The Hoff (Pic Sm )

The most surprising thing… When he stops being the Hoff and becomes David, there’s quite a big change. The Hoff is like a brand thing. When he’s David, it’s less about him and more about what he wants in his life, like looking for love. And the other surprising thing is that he gets tired, he has to go off and have little naps all the time. He has an afternoon nap every day. It’s hard work being the Hoff.The wardrobe… I got to try on all his best clothes, like the outfit when he performed on the Berlin Wall, and all his Baywatch clothes. I didn’t try on his shorts, though – it didn’t feel quite right, somehow. When we went out in Las Vegas he was wearing a leather trouser and shirt combo, which is his ‘Hoff in Vegas’ outfit. There is a lot of leather, and he also has a lot of tracksuits. He has a silk dressing gown too, of course.The family… His daughters live with him sometimes. They’re really not embarrassed by him at all. He’s trying to kick-start their music careers. I thought their songs would be awful, but they’re actually not that bad. I was expecting way worse. The Hoff hasn’t got any love in his life at the moment, and he really wants some. And he needs some…• The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay is on Living TV, 10pm, Monday