Who's impressed The Hoff? On Britain's Got Talent

Find out which acts impressed new judge David Hasselhoff during the auditions this year ... 

How are you finding your new position on the judging panel?

Third to the left and fun to be sitting in Simon Cowell’s seat. It’s very warm.
Had you met Michael or Amanda before?
Yes I had met Amanda before, briefly, and I knew of Michael’s reputation as the number one comedian in the country.
How have the three of you got on?
Lots of fun.... lots of respect and sometimes complete and utter chaos with us not agreeing!
How have you found the British talent?
I find that the talent so far is brilliant, some of the young people especially, and we’ve seen some very funny comedians. I have also enjoyed some of the wackiest acts on the planet!
What do you love most about Britain?
The heart-warming and kind people that I’ve met in every city that I’ve visited and the full English breakfast and Liverpool girls.
If you were to enter Britain’s Got Talent, what would your act be?
My act would be a dancing willy! No, no, no .....just kidding! Running in slow motion!
Without giving too much away, what have been some of the best acts during the auditions?
The young acts are without a doubt going to be in the finals and surprisingly a fantastic dog act and some very funny comedians.
And the worst?
A man who did impersonations of trucks. I think he was run over last week while doing a truck sound..... because someone really thought he was a truck.
Are the UK audiences more vocal about acts than US audiences?
Yes! And they are very territorial! It seems like every city really dislikes every other city.
Are you looking forward to seeing Simon at the live shows?
Of course! Simon and I go back to 1993. We are friends first and it will be fun sparring with him on a live show because we are such good friends. It will be fun having him on.
What do you think Simon will make of the talent you’ve found?
Probably hate it all and probably send me back to America but actually he knows that I take this competition very seriously and he will be proud with the acts that we have.
Do you worry about finding the right winner for The Royal Variety Performance?
Absolutely..... It’s fun to be entertaining and to have wacky acts on the show but this is a talent competition and a very big break for the person who gets this position to perform. I take this very seriously and the contestants should as well.
What kind of act would you like to see win this year?
That is a secret.
Britain's Got Talent is back this Saturday, April 16th on ITV1 and ITV1HD from 8.20pm. Don't miss Britain's Got More Talent with Stephen Mulhern straight afterwards on ITV2 at 9.50pm