'Big Brother' Recap & Exclusive Photos During 'Same Name' Filming


This past Sunday, David Hasselhoff was on 'Same Name' switching places with a man of the same name from Texas. Celebrity David lived in the Texan's home and did his job for four days. He even went out and mowed lawns! Meanwhile, Texan David lived in the celebrity's home and did what the Hoff does on a daily basis. They ended up having a new understanding and appreciation of what each other does for a living, and Celebrity David Hasselhoff did a kind gesture for the family by buying them a few new lawnmowers and starting a college fund for their new baby.Texan Vicky Smith was there and took a few photos of David in Lake Jackson at the Kick's Club and the Brazos Mall. She emailed us these photos.

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Knights of the West Coast also appeared on 'Same Name' with their KITT replicas and merchandise, setting up a meeting with Texas David Hasselhoff. Cesar's Photography posted some behind the scenes photos from that encounter on Facebook.

Check out their appearance on 'Same Name.'


To promote Same Name, Big Brother did a special luxury competition. The luxury the players were playing for was a party in the HOH room with an advanced screening of the premiere of 'Same Name'. Texas David Hasselhoff came out to host the competition, telling the contestants he shared a name with a celebrity. To figure out who that is, the contestants had to figure out a set of clues. The first clue was a bar of soap and some binoculars. The second clue was a microphone on a stand, and the third was someone dressed in armor like a knight carrying a rescue can. Only one person got it right, and they guessed correctly on the first clue.David Hasselhoff revved KITT's engine in the backyard and the houseguests came out to be surprised. They were excited to meet David and to see KITT. They returned to the house to find out their prize. David told them about the party and premiere and told the winner only 3 people could come with her. They all went upstairs to the HOH room, where David hung out with the other houseguests for awhile, eating some sushi and chatting to them about the show.A good friend of mine, Alex Wong, had his KITT used for Big Brother and shared some behind the scenes photos at Big Brother.The full episode of Big Brother is at CBS.com.Here are some stills I took from the episode.