The Hoff Hangs With Donny and Marie at Flamingo

Hasselhoff Donny MarieTV, music and pop culture icon David Hasselhoff stopped by for some music and comedy at the “Donny & Marie” show at the Flamingo on July 26.The former “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” star attended the popular show with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

It's good to be famous! Just saying.

Bonus David Hasselhoff trivia: He was recently featured in a new CBS show, “Same Name,” where he swapped places with a regular guy also named David Hasselhoff. Take a look.Double bonus trivia: Both Hasselhoffs made a guest appearance on one of this blog’s favorite reality shows, “Big Brother,” to promote “Same Name.”

Hasselhoff Donny Osmond

Two entertainment titans square off backstage at Flamingo Las Vegas. Catch Donny & Marie, easily one of the most entertaining shows on the Strip, at Flamingo Las Vegas. Catch David Hasselhoff, oh, everywhere else.

Source: Las Vegas Blog