David Hasselhoff "Rocked the House" at Glock Horse Performance Center

Before the day's sporting highlight – the first competition of the Gold Tour Championship – Gaston Glock and his wife Kathrin had a very special treat in store for the riders and the audience:None other than Baywatch star David Hasselhoff had been flown in from the US to rock the riding arena. With classic party hits such as "Looking for Freedom" or "Limbo Dance", "The Hoff" absolutely brought the house down.Kleine Zeitung says David jumped into the saddle of one of the horses and rode around while singing "Looking for Freedom."

Late Night Encore

After 10pm, events started shifting towards the Riders' Lounge, where "The Hoff" made sure that everyone was rocking the night away: David Hasselhoff gave an exclusive private concert and insisted on treating the guests to a few encores, once again fueling the atmosphere to the breaking point. The result: the Riders' Lounge was filled to the rafters with partying riders and guests who were clearly having a whale of a time...[gallery orderby="title"]

Source: Glock Horse Performance Center, Markus for the tip about additional photos from their Facebook page