America's Got Talent: Show 1

 You can click the links to see the Youtube videos.The show started off with an interesting open - shots of the different " - Got Talent"'s from around the world. When I look back on it, it was a rather cool concept to the start of the show. At the moment, though, my film/TV side came out and I couldn't stop thinking how low-quality the clips looked.The start of the show was rather uneventful. Just enjoyed seeing the Hoff be the judge, and seeing his humor come out.I actually like watching the terrible acts. I enjoy seeing the terrible acts in the beginning and finding new favorite acts that I want to see in the next rounds.Only new thing this season that I didn't like was the strobe light thing on the X's. Hurts the eyes after a bit.Favorite act? It would have to be FootworkKINGz. They were AMAZING! Not only were they right on with the music but their feet were so fast AND they were together! It was a surprise and I really like the non-singing acts, myself.The Voices of Glory trio of kids who sang to their mother while she was in a coma for 8 months were also great. They had great voices, and blended together perfectly. Their act literally did give me chills, though. I was pulling a Sharon with the tears at the end there.Rockin' Rory was great. I'm such a sucker for pet acts that are actually really well done. That dog was amazing! It was so cool how the dog literally fly in the air and did tricks so quickly with those frisbies. It was a well polished act and I can't wait to see what they do in vegas.Last but not least, the Hasselhoff song! That had me rolling. The whole beginning I thought it was Pamela Anderson he was going to sing about. Especially that part where he sang that he bought his speedos off of ebay, but knew he couldn't fill them out like David. I'm glad Piers put him through! I was hoping. He can actually sing, which made it a bit sweeter. What is in store for us in Vegas? Another Hoff song? Maybe we won't even get to see him.I feel sorry for the Impressionist guy. He was so terrible.. he really had the passion and believed he was good at it. I wanted him to be good. That was probably the single act that I really just felt bad for the guy. You can see the pain and sadness in his eyes when the judges told him no.The one act I felt that shouldn't have made it to Vegas was the Love triangle couple. The act looked amateurish, and just wasn't that interesting at all.