See the Trailer for David's New Movie, Devil's Carnival: Alleluia

The Devil's Carnival has a new sequel called The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia, and David Hasselhoff is part of the cast and even has a singing part. It's the story of Lucifer exacting a revenge plot against Heaven, but God and his agents are ready for battle. The feature-length film will be shopped at AFM by Execution Style Entertainment. The filmmaker has usually bypassed traditional distribution models, and instead become hits on the midnight circuit.“Securing financing, getting distribution, getting anything off the ground these days is a damn miracle,” he said. “The Carnival is our answer to that. We found a way to circumvent the catch-22 by making this more than just a movie. The Devil’s Carnival is an experience that demands more of you than sitting there and just being passive.”“With episode one, we proved there was a market for our anti-Glee content and punk rock business model,” said Zdunich, who also plays Lucifer. “The Devil's Carnival is now back by popular demand, and Alleluia is bigger and badder than the first one.”Heat Vision has the exclusive first-look at the trailer for Devil’s Carnival: AlleluiaSource: HoffArmy and The Hollywood Reporter