David Hasselhoff in Ted 2 premieres June 26

Universal Pictures' Ted 2, the sequel to 2012's box office hit Ted, is officially set for showing in theaters beginning June 26. As with the original film, Seth MacFarlane directs, co-wrote the script and co-produces the follow-up to the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy movie of all time. He will also once more star as the voice of the magical teddy bear Ted.

Ted 2 continues the adventures and misadventures of John Bennet (portrayed by Mark Wahlberg) and MacFarlanes' Ted. Also returning for the sequel are Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn, Ted's girlfriend and co-worker at the grocery store, and Patrick Warburton as Guy, John's co-worker at his office. The new cast for the sequel includes Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Jackson, plus Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Sam J. Jones, Dennis Haysbert, Richard Schiff, Michael Dorn, Curtis Stigers, John Slattery, David Hasselhoff, Tom Brady, Philip Casnoff, Nana Visitor, among others. Patrick Stewart will serve as the film's unseen narrator. It's been rumored that William Shatner will also be appearing in the film. It's also been rumored that Mila Kunis will be doing a cameo since in the first Ted, Wahlberg's John and Kunis' Lori were seen finally getting their wish of settling down and having a happy, peaceful married life together.

Source: Celeb Beat