5 Things That Make 'Talent' Better Than 'Idol'



The Hoff drinks ‘hoffee’Just before our interview began, David Hasselhoff asked his publicist for a cup of “hoffee.” There was a moment of horror, then the publicist appeared with a mug that read “want some Hoffee?” The Hoff puns continued, even on the live broadcast, and for the most part, they were hoffully funny.

Don’t ‘hassle the Hoff’David Hasselhoff tells msnbc.com's Courtney Hazlett what happens if anyone dares “hassle the Hoff.”


But that’s not why they’re getting ink now. No, all this Hoff business goes a long way in making the show personal. The judges on these types of shows need to have a role beyond that of talking head in order to seem genuine and invested in the outcome. Their influence needs to be evident throughout, and little things like the Hoffisms go a long way.

It’s a family affairHoff’s dad comes to the live taping of “AGT” every week, and Hoff gets out from behind the judge’s table to chat with him during the commercial breaks. Nick Cannon’s mom was present at the taping I attended. The television audience might not see this, but having mom or dad on set makes a difference, if for no other reason that it keeps their kids human. And it’s just sweet.

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