Knight Ryders Meet David Hasselhoff

A Maple Ridge men's hockey team got to meet its inspiration on Thursday.David Hasselhoff was in east Maple Ridge, Canada filming a movie and one of the players from the Knight Ryders asked if he would have his picture taken with them.The Knight Ryders, who play out of Planet Ice in Maple Ridge, are named after the '80s hit TV show that starred Hasselhoff, who posed for pictures and signed autographs for all the players."It was a dream come true for the Knight Ryders, who now have all the inspiration to compete for the championship when the playoffs start next week," said player Jonathan Zemliak.

Source: Maple Ridge News

David Hasselhoff on Heart Breakfast Podcast

David Hasselhoff was on Heart Radio 100.7's Heart Breakfast with Ed and Rachel to participate in a Knight Rider trivia game. David won the trivia game, only missing one question! It was a hard one, I couldn't remember the answer either. Take a listen and see if you can get all the questions right!

The Mad World of David Hasselhoff

'Self-motivation. Self-prayer. God's cured me many times in life,' said David HasselhoffBy SIMON LEWISHe says his new British tour will be a 'hilarious and emotional ride through his life via song and dance'. If it's half as entertaining as this interview, we'll take a season ticket...There’s a 2007 book entitled Did David Hasselhoff End The Cold War? I’ve just shown it to the man in question, in a chilly canteen by a north London canal. He puts down his plastic coffee cup and eyes it suspiciously.‘Is it supposed to be a joke?’Actually, no. The book makes the point that Hasselhoff’s 1989 song Looking For Freedom (No 1 in the West German charts for eight weeks) was heard by East Germans on the radio and became a symbol for what they didn’t have. Hasselhoff brightens.‘Well, everybody made a big joke of it,’ he beams.‘A silly magazine called the National Enquirer said I was upset there was no picture of me at Checkpoint Charlie. Completely fabricated. But as it turned out, I went to East Germany this year and they were saying, “Thank you for Mauerfall” – the fall of the Wall.‘I thought they were kidding. But they said, “Do you realise that the first English words out of our mouths were ‘I’ve been looking for freedom’?'We were behind the Wall and we could not speak English, but we heard this song about freedom.” It was a psychological boost for everybody. It sold 11 million copies. One man can make a difference – that was the Knight Rider motto. And I did! I felt like a spy!’It may sound odd for a 59-year-old man in a leather jacket, white vest and reading glasses drinking from a plastic cup to be holding forth about ending the Cold War. But you’d expect nothing less from David Hasselhoff: actor, singer, raconteur, talent-show judge, pantomime villain (Captain Hook at the Bristol Hippodrome) and all-round force of nature. We’re here because he’s touring a one-man show called An Evening With David Hasselhoff. Shall we crack on?‘Crack on, baby! Crack on.’What’s in the show?‘Via song, dance and interaction I take you on a hilarious and emotional ride through this amazing journey that I’ve had since I was eight years old,’ Hasselhoff proclaims.‘I perform the songs of Frank Wildhorn, who wrote for the Rat Pack but has been blackballed by the industry. Kinda like me!’

'I'm not complaining. I've made a lot of money and travelled the world. But the critics never gave me any credit,' said DavidIs that how he feels about his career?‘I’m not complaining,’ he says, after an alarmingly long pause. ‘I’ve made a lot of money and travelled the world. But the critics never gave me any credit.'I would have liked to have been in ER or Grey’s Anatomy. But, you know, I was stuck with two legendary shows, which I can’t complain about, because to this day no one remembers ER or Grey’s Anatomy. Well, they remember them, but they’re not nearly as classic in people’s heads as  Knight Rider!’Why the bee in his bonnet about ER? One can hazard a guess. In the Eighties Hasselhoff was the star of Knight Rider, while another doe-eyed actor could only manage a part in B-movie Return Of The Killer Tomatoes. His name was George Clooney. That Hasselhoff’s star didn’t remain in the ascendant – and how he responded to its fall, rise and fall again – is the key to his bizarre but utterly magnetic personality.Born in Baltimore in 1952, David Hasselhoff moved to Florida, Atlanta and Chicago as his father travelled around selling armoured cars, before settling in California. He led his school debating and volleyball teams and was on stage from the age of eight.At 23, he won a role on daytime soap The Young And The Restless, playing a hunky doctor – some 19 years, incidentally, before George Clooney joined ER. These years for Hasselhoff were full of what’s discreetly known as ‘wild partying’. But actually, he wasn’t enjoying himself.‘I started off very nervous and awkward,’ he says. ‘I never wanted to be on television. I wanted to sing.'Then I read a book called The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, which turned my life around. Self-motivation. Self-prayer. God’s cured me many times in life. I quit and went to pound the pavements of New York looking for work on Broadway.’He didn’t find it – he wouldn’t appear on Broadway until 2000. But in 1982 Hasselhoff landed the lead role in Knight Rider. He hasn’t met anybody since who didn’t see it.‘I went to a Zulu village and everyone in the tribe knew me.’But by 1986 Knight Rider was over – and he was surprised how hard it was to find new work.‘I never liked those showbiz cliques,’ he says. ‘Pretentious people in showbiz with huge egos who claim not to like it, or to be above it.'Many directors who worked on Knight Rider took it off their résumé. I find it incredibly ridiculous that if you were to do ER, that’s respectable, but Knight Rider or Baywatch is not.’'If you spent a day with me you'd go, "I don't know if I want this",' said DavidAh yes – Baywatch. Leaving aside his lucrative pop career in Germany, the lifeguard drama was to restore Hasselhoff’s fortunes.Initially he didn’t want to do it, feeling self-conscious about his spindly legs, but he was eventually persuaded.At first ratings were low, and NBC cancelled the show after one series. Then an independent production company told Hasselhoff the show could be resurrected if he pitched it to foreign channels in person.They raised millions, relaunched the show with him as executive producer and hit the crest of the TV-deregulation wave. With satellite channels proliferating, Baywatch was aired in 140 countries. It still holds the world record for the most viewers: 1.1 billion. Is it true Hasselhoff personally made $100 million out of it?‘Well, we sold the show for $500 million, so… I did well,’ he says. ‘It makes me feel good, having taken a lot of **** for this name!’How much is still left?‘Well, a lot of it went away in the divorce. But that’s OK.’He flashes a pearly-white smile – his default expression when asked a personal question. A gambit used by many a Californian star, it doesn’t reach the eyes. The unspoken threat is, ‘Dare you spoil my great mood?’In January 2006 Hasselhoff announced that he was divorcing his wife of 16 years, Pamela Bach.Increasingly bitter proceedings were played out in the American media: she accused him of being drunk and violent, he accused her of drug abuse.In June 2007 he was awarded full custody of their two daughters. Just before that decision, however, a video was leaked to the media showing him lying shirtless and drunk on the floor, clumsily eating a burger.His daughter, filming, asks him, ‘Why do you do this to yourself?’He slurs, ‘Cos I’m lonely, I have trouble in my life.’Hasselhoff was enjoying a resurgence in his career on America’s Got Talent at the time. He had to promise a court that he’d stay sober and have regular alcohol tests. How did it feel to have everyone see his deepest shame?David with his hi-tech Pontiac Trans Am KITT in Knight Rider‘It was a bit devastating in the beginning,’ he says, ‘but I had a real sense of calm when everything came out. Because I had the respect and love of my daughters, mother and father. That’s all I needed…'And the support of everybody who maybe saw a bit of themselves in me. They liked the fact that I was able to get up.’I suggest that for this reason, it may ultimately have been good for his career.‘Ha ha ha! You know what? In the end… yes and no. It killed a lot of endorsement deals, but it helped me break through into the internet. But I’m the lucky one. Just this morning I was reading about someone (Gary Speed) that didn’t make it.’Hasselhoff calls the video incident a ‘wake-up call’ and has since been attending Alcoholics Anonymous.The first few years were clearly hard. In 2006 he suffered an unlikely accident involving a chandelier while shaving in London’s Sanderson Hotel, severing a tendon in his right arm.Between May 2009 and May 2010 he was hospitalised four times and accused of disorderly conduct, including hitting a doctor.For the first few minutes of our encounter, I did wonder if he was intoxicated: he speaks with a heavy tongue and his pupils tend to wander.After half an hour of sharp wit and clear thought, though, the suspicion has been dispelled. This is not a drunk. But it is an ex-drunk. As with Ozzy Osbourne, the damage is done.The question is, why did someone so rich and famous spend 20 years torpedoing his own chances? It’s interesting that he gives two different answers when asked about his ego.First, he claims not to have one: ‘Even though I appear as if, “Oh, I love The Hoff”, it’s all a game.'When I finally did get on Broadway, I came home saying, “Mum, I can’t do it.” She said, “Get on a plane. Go back. You can do it.”’Then he says that only being on stage gives him confidence: ‘I feel incredibly at home and comfortable on stage. I’m completely in control and I have no fear.’Baywatch still holds the world record for the most viewers: 1.1 billionSo is his entire Hoff persona a mask? A shield?He’s keen to point out how hard he finds it meeting fans. He once had pre-written signatures made up to save the hassle of writing them. Nowadays everyone thinks they can get their picture taken with him.‘If you spent a day with me you’d go, “I don’t know if I want this,”’ he says.‘Just the other night I was in Wales with my girlfriend and I went to her sister’s office party. She works at Greggs – you know, Greggs, the delicatessen? I’ll show you a picture. Aargh! It’s a nightmare – everyone coming at me and freaking out.’He shows me a photo on his phone: a looming crowd of about 50 ladies, all taking his picture. As a flashing, picture-taking mob, they do look scary.‘And that was just me sitting at my table, trying to have dinner! So there I was, very insecure and very shy. I said to my girlfriend, “I love you, but I wanna get out of here.”’Hasselhoff has been seeing Hayley Roberts, 32, since meeting her at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff last March.He was there for Britain’s Got Talent, the show on which he was a judge (he recently confirmed on Twitter that he won’t be returning for the next series). She asked for his autograph. He asked for her number.‘The great thing about her is she doesn’t take **** from anybody,’ he says.‘She’ll tell me, “Don’t trust that person.” And she’s usually right. She has my best interests at heart. Hopefully it will last, and if it doesn’t…’Apparently he’s proposed to her five times, in a series of bizarre situations – in one case popping the question while they swam in shark-infested waters.‘Yeah, but that was kind of a joke. It was really just one proposal, but I decided to do it all over the world in every life-threatening situation I could think of. There was one with lions. The sharks were the best. I did one while abseiling off Table Mountain.‘Then there was the one with a charging elephant... We were on safari, I got out of the Jeep, I walked very slowly towards the elephant, then I got the ranger to irritate the elephant, and as soon as it started trumpeting and charging, I shouted at her, “Will you marry me? Aargh!” and ran back into the Jeep. The pictures are priceless. She was terrified!’And she still didn’t say yes...‘I know, but right now we’re very happy. It’s an impossibility because of where I live in Los Angeles. She’s so dedicated to Wales.David has been seeing Hayley Roberts, 32, since last March‘I’ll probably keep a flat in Wales, but I’d have to get a massive supply of tanning lotion, because I’ve never been so white in my life! I’m a water guy, an ocean guy, so I’m constantly looking for a beach. I do love Welsh people, though. They’re not snooty.’I wonder if his proposals to Hayley are an attempt to move on from the shame of his divorce. He says he’s ‘always been a relationship guy’ and wants to be in a relationship in ten years’ time. Is he trying to recreate his parents’ 60-year loving marriage?‘Well, I’ll never make it cos I’m too old. Ha!’He is getting on a bit. Is it hard for a former heart-throb to be approaching 60?‘No,’ he barks. ‘I did two-and-a-half hours on stage last night and I knocked the **** out of the audience. They can’t keep up with me! I still work out every day. I’m like Mick Jagger; I’ll probably go forever.’Indeed, he doesn’t look ready for the undertakers just yet. His back is as straight as a flagpole and his laugh is full of broad-chested confidence.A group of girls have been admiring him from across the canteen. There’s a suspicion he’s had surgery – something about his twinkling eyes seems at odds with his beefy frame – but you wouldn’t want to get into a fight with him.Not that that’s a plausible scenario. Whereas some celebrities’ egotism provokes derision, Hasselhoff has never had that problem. Everyone wants to be his friend. Even Princess Diana asked for his autograph. Why? Because he doesn’t try to be cool. He’s an old-fashioned, razzle-dazzle entertainer, and he’s kept that up despite career slumps that might have buried other men. Even now, his plans for the future are dizzying.‘I’m opening a restaurant and hotel in Australia. I’m doing an amazing amount of commercials online. I’m launching my own game, which is me fighting zombies on your iPhone.'I’d like to do a remake of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. I’d like to remake The Rockford Files. I see Knight Rider as a movie franchise. I’d like to do a remake of Doctor Zhivago…’And on he goes. Is it great to be The Hoff? The ‘Don’t Hassel The Hoff’ T-shirts he wears are perhaps not entirely intended as humorous. On the other hand, The Hoff isn’t like other people.As we part, he’s singing a tune from his one-man show to himself, his blue eyes shining.‘This time around I’m gonna make it,’ he croons. ‘This time around I’ll get it right…’‘An Evening With David Hasselhoff’ runs from February 23 to March 2.Buy tickets here!

Source: Daily Mail

KITT is Back and Looking For Michael on BGT

KITT has been out of view for a while, but now he's back and he wants to find Michael. But no one wants to tell him that the Hoff has moved on. With The Hoff very busy judging this years BGT, how will he react when he see's his old buddy? Will KITT ever give up on Michael? Who will help him? Go backstage with KITT and find out.

Thanks to Weeezl

Knight Rider Festival III

Hey guys and gals. This weekend is Knight Rider Festival III in Las Vegas! If you are able to attend this year, be sure to check out all the great KITT replicas on Fremont Street. There will be lots of activities so check out the Knight Rider Festival website for a complete schedule. To the ones who are unable to make it, have no fear, together with Knight Rider Online we are going to be covering this event as it happens.Links of interest:

This twitpic photo widget on this page will also display the most recent photos from the festival.

Less Than Two Weeks Until Knight Rider Festival III

There's less than two weeks until the next Knight Rider Festival! This year promises to be bigger and better then last year. While we all hope David Hasselhoff shows up again, Paul Casey and his crew have more surprises for the third installment. The festival is free to attend, so come out and see the original pilot KITT and attack mode cars, the replicas, cast and crew from both series and fans from both the Hoff fandom and the Knight Rider fandom.As always, the proceeds from the Knight Rider Festival go to the Children's Miracle Network. Just last year, 40,000 sick children were assisted by the Knight Rider Festival.Want to rub elbows and chat with your favorite cast members from Knight Rider? Better hurry! There are only 10 tickets left for the Knight Rider Festival VIP Party at the Golden Nugget Gold Diggers Club. You can grab a ticket by donating $35 to the Children's Miracle Network.See you there March 18-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

RAW Backstage!

From Hoff News Crew

Mark is the proud owner of the KITT you saw on RAW on Monday, and both him and Tony took some pictures and captured some video of David's entrance at rehearsal.Recap of David hosting RAWPhotos: David at RAW BackstageThanks to both and to Hoff News Crew for posting it!Find more videos like this on HoffSpace

Knight Rider Festival Recap & Photos!

Video from the Festival:

This year, David appeared at the Knight Rider Festival -- the first Knight Rider-related event since the end of the show. He couldn't have been more gracious. He threw autographed photos into the crowd, walked around and signed the dashes of KITT replicas, and took photos with some lucky fans. All for a good cause, to help the Children's Miracle Network.

Whilst the Festival itself felt scaled back, it was just as fun as last year if not more. It's nice to hang out with friends you only get to see online, and without them this festival wouldn't have been near as fun. The Celebrity Autograph session went real well. Michael Scheffe (KITT Designer) is really nice. He went to sign my little KITT car and thought it was the funniest thing, and asked where I got it. Catherine just stood up and hugged me after she autographed the KITT car, that was a nice surprise. And George Barris autographed an extra picture with him and David standing next to KITT and gave it out to the fans for free, even though there was a $10 per item charge.The cars are all amazing, and every year I'm still blown away with the time and dedication the owners put into their replicas. This year, a KI3T replica made it's way onto Fremont Street, representing the Knight Rider '08 series since the original cars didn't come this year.

 DeceptiKARR had some modifications from last year, with the wide tires and attack mode body. The interior is also amazing, it's like really sitting inside KARR. I wanted to direct him to a chicken. Craig, the owner, is real nice and awesome. He lets people sit in his KARR and take pictures. Did I mention how cool those doors look?It's really cool having all those KITTs in one place. Especially driving down the strip, riding in a KITT, following a KITT, and being followed by a KITT. How cool is that? Everytime I go to the Knight Rider Festival, I want a KITT replica that much more! All the owners have done really great jobs on their replicas.One of the replica owners, Alex, allowed me to drive his KITT replica -- even though it was only down half an aisle in the parking garage and back -- that was enough. I was smiling the whole time and just couldn't believe I was driving KITT. I can't thank Alex enough for letting me do that. His replica has a button for almost everything. Remote start, windows, his garage door opener.. it's really quite amusing.meinkitt31Catherine Hickland is one of the nicest people I've met, and really has a beautiful voice. She sang the National Anthem and it wasn't over-the-top or anything. It was gentle and lovely. What would've been really awesome if her and David did a duet at the Festival.. say, Let It Be Me?Seeing David in person for the first time was just surreal. You'd think after having a fansite for 13 years I'd at least see the guy in person, or met him already.. but alas, hasn't been in the cards until now. Like I said earlier, he is so nice and gracious, especially to his fans. He was looking every which way walking around signing the cars, but somehow heard my mousey voice say, "Hi David." He looked at me and said, "Hi." I couldn't believe it, but it made my day. Even if I didn't get a picture with him, or even a chance to really talk to him, that was enough. I went home happy. The VIP party didn't seem as crowded this year, which was good. It seemed like there were too many people up there last year. Was able to squeeze myself between the pillars to get a front-row seat watching David film his reality show. A friend of mine, Kim from KRO was standing next to me and said, "Why aren't you taking any pictures?" It was funny, I was just in awe of the Hoff that I just wanted to soak it in and I forgot to take pictures until she said something. Joe B ended up sitting in a chair right next to me, he is so nice and quiet. I watched him on The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay, and he is exactly like that in person. He is just an awesome person all around. Chatted a bit more with Catherine Hickland, she's so nice and down-to-earth. I love her.Most of the fans got together for a dinner right before the Cruise with KITT down the strip. That was a nice time to just sit and talk to people, and Jup from KRO let us watch the opening ceremonies on his laptop. We all met up in the garage where all the KITT replicas were parked to get ready to go down to the Vegas sign. There were some funny photos taken with Alex's KITT, and a whole group shot. I hitched a ride in the '08 KITT replica, which is really nice. The backseat is surprisingly comfortable and enjoyed the ride down. I got a ride back in an 80s KITT replica. We chatted and hung out in the garage for a bit, and AJ came around. Looked at his KIFT original. That, my friends, is an unrestored screen-used shell. It had been weathered from sitting out for 20 years, but it was pretty cool.The crew from Knight Rider Online I only wish we all lived in the same area so we could all hang out. Neil, Mike and Sue are awesome. I've known Neil for around 10 years, and I look forward to seeing them each year in Vegas.Let's not forget my other friends from KRO: Jup, Gus, Steve, Kim, Nick (Author of the KR Companion), Slade and Jen. It was great hanging out with them, can't wait for next year.Last, but not least, I finally got to meet some Hoffspace buddies. This including Natalie, Les, Hayley, Marina, and Steve. Hayley has the best accent ever, only because I love english accents. Only wish I could've spent more time talking with her. Marina is a doll, love her face. She was so excited about the lunch with David she was talking a mile-a-minute at the VIP party, she's so funny. Natalie, Les and I sat around at the VIP party and just chatted, good times had. Natalie had the bright idea of not wearing heels. Didn't talk to Steve much, but it was still nice seeing him.I think that pretty much sums up the festival, though it was funny seeing Paul Casey ride in on a horse.

Knight Rider Festival

Just got back into town from the Knight Rider Festival, which was awesome. I've never seen David in person before, so that was really exciting. Photos and videos to come tomorrow. Some highlights included actually driving a KITT replica (thanks Alex) and David looking at me and saying "Hi."

Here's the rundown from articles on the Festival:

Check out the videos below. More to come soon!

David's Coming to Knight Rider Festival II!

 As some of you might have already seen, David just confirmed via Twitter he is on his way to Vegas for the Knight Rider Festival! Can't wait to see him there!Be sure to follow DavidNet on twitter for photos from the Festival, and watch Knight Rider Online for Live videos this weekend.

Knight Rider Festival: One Month Away

 The Knight Rider Festival is one month away now, so if you're still thinking about going, perhaps reading about the festival or looking at videos from last year can sway your mind. The special Knight Rider rated rooms at the Golden Nugget are sold out now, but there are still other hotels you can book at.Last year the question I heard the most from fans was, "Where's David Hasselhoff?" He was obviously missed last year, so he has the fans that want to see him there, and we hope to see him there this year.Guests included Justin Bruening from the '08 Knight Rider, who attended the festival along with both normal KITT and attack KITT from the show. Rebecca Holden and Catherine Hickland from the original series were also there. Glen Larson also made an appearance at the VIP party, where fan videos played on the monitors. If not to come for the celebrities, come for the replicas. They are amazing, and the one I rode in had actual working buttons.Even the news was there.

You never know, David might show up this year..

'Knight Rider' Inspires Child Safety Program

One man can make a difference

Sgt. Glenn Young spent the last 25+ years working on child safety, and created a program centered around the original Knight Rider series for that very purpose. Along with his KITT replica, Sgt. Glenn Young brings his KITT-inspired mini "K.I.D." (Kids In Danger) car that can put out a fire, ride on two wheels, talk and even shoot an "anti-stranger" spray among others.The David Hasselhoff-endorsed program teaches kids about stranger danger, what to do in case of an emergency, fire safety, and how police are their friends, among other points.

Hoffspace's Nathan D Goughnour is a friend of Sgt. Young and posted some photos of KITT and KID and told us about it. Read what he has to say and view more photos.See photos and video after the jump.

Sgt. Glenn Young and David Hasselhoff on the set of Knight Riders Hills of Fire in 1986.The go-cart sized K.I.D (Kids In Danger) hand built by Sgt. Glenn Young

KITT replica and his transport vehicle that is a donated Keebler truck

Knight Rider Calendar Now Available For Purchase

From Knight Rider Online

Neil from KRO posted this a few days ago. It's a two year (2010-2011) Knight Rider calendar made by Dave Doggett. It includes very rare photography from the show, including photos from 'Kickin' It Old Skool' where David Hasselhoff and KITT appeared. Partial proceeds go to benefit the Children's Miracle Network.Click here to email Dave for the calendar!

Events this Weekend

Several events are happening this weekend, so here is a rundown of all the activities.

Saturday, Sept. 26: KnightCon UK:All European and UK Knightrider fans can meet each other, compare KITTs, and much more! All proceeds benefit The Children's Miracle Network. Located at: Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.Check out their website at and come out to promote a great cause and have a great time.**Please Note** This event is not specifically endorsed by Mr. Hasselhoff, nor has he made any specific declaration to be there. It should however be a fun event with some fun people for a great cause.
Sunday, Sept. 27: Das Hustlehoff:Oktoberfest Denver is holding its 2nd annual "Das Hustlehoff" 10k Run this Sunday in honor of Mr. Hasselhoff himself. Participants are encouraged to dress up in their best Knight Rider, Baywatch, or Hoff-inspired costume. View the "Das Hustlehoff" News entry.A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the American Lung Association.Backstage Auctions:The auction I mentioned a few days ago on Twitter starts, with many rare and never-before-seen David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider and Baywatch merchandise. Photos with negatives, interview tapes and interview notes are available for purchase. Check out all the available items at Backstage Auctions.Auction runs from Sept. 27 - October 4.
Monday, Sept. 28: Meet the Hasselhoffs:Third installment of the six-part series airs at 10 pm on LivingTV in the UK.Episode 1 | Episode 2

Ask William Daniels a Question

From Knight Rider Online

Ever wanted to ask William Daniels, the voice of K.I.T.T., a question? Maybe you wanted to know what it was like with David Hasselhoff, and if they ever played jokes on each other.Knight Rider Online along with Navtones is hosting a "20 Questions with William Daniels" to promote the release of the update of KITT Car Voice for TomTom and Garmin. So get your questions in at: .

The best 20 questions chosen by KRO and Navtones will be asked to Mr. Daniels as he records additional content for the device, which includes those missing names they've been collecting from the first release. We'll then post those on audio clips on a weekly basis, gearing up for the product itself to be available for download. The plan is to be able to hear Daniels answer the questions over audio, without text to read!So please, spread the word! And get your questions in early! It is very rare for him to give interviews, and to have this type of personal access - well I can't express how amazing this opportunity is!Only questions entered at will be eligible for consideration!

"Das HustleHoff" Oktoberfest in Denver

Michael Pajaro from Knight Rider Online found this, it's quite amusing!Denver has a 5k/10k Run dedicated to the Hoff during Oktoberfest on September 27th of this year. A portion of these proceeds go to benefit the American Lung Association.

Get ready to Hustle your Hoff. Off. While you Hoff and Poff. And Lauff. (Sorry–we can’t resist sometimes.)Oktoberfest Denver proudly returns in 2009 with the 2nd annual Das Hustlehoff- don’t hold your applause!It’s our tribute to Germany’s favorite hirsute 80’s television star whose popularity remains undiminished in Germany.Participants are encouraged to put on your best German-, Knight Rider-, Baywatch- or any Hoffster- inspired costume. There will be prizes for the most creative get-up, so don’t be shy. Not that you would be, we’re just sayin’.Your $35 per person race fee will get you a place on the list, a free bier (21 and older of course) and an uber-hot tee shirt commemorating the event. (So yeah, it’s basically  a $35 tee shirt. If you wanna play , you gotta pay.)

via Oktoberfest on Larimar Street

Kitt2ks KITT replica at last years HustleHoff RunKRO's own kitt2k brought his KITT to the event last year. He had this to say:

Yes indeed a race to honor Mr. Hasselhoff. I was contacted by the event organizers to help them promote their unique run, and being a fan, I was more than happy to help out. Spent Sunday with KITT getting the word out for the September run to a group of over 2000 Denver marathon runners and their friends and families. Looks like it will be a lot of fun, and a very unique way to honor the Germans favorite peformer.. KITT gets to start the race in September, and you never know who else might show up.

Kitt2ks KITT replica at last years HustleHoff Run

Meeting the Hoff

Jacaranda FM contacted Reynard Botha and asked him to bring his KITT replica to Monte Casino as a surprise to David. Here is his story:

Last week was very busy for me as I was trying to get my car and myself ready to meet the Hoff.  Yes the real Michael Knight. err David Hasselhoff.JacarandFM contacted me and asked my if I can bring KITT to Monte Casino as a surprise to David while visiting SA to sing a Duet with Patricia Lewis an old friend and ex-girl friend to David.  The schedule was jumped by a few months in order for the song to be completed before Patricia is to be operated for tumors on the thyroid, and operation that might render the blond super voice of South Africa quite forever.  Well I certainly hope not, I wish Patricia all of the best for the operation.Well back to the Hoff.  What a nice guy, looking back on track with his life and a pleasant celeb to meet.  He chatted with me about my car and told e about his own.  He played out a little scene with my KITT in the car and signed my car and my owners manual that I wrote for the car.  He posed for some pictures with me and also did a host of other interviews for the event, he then sang a song on stage and also did a round of signatures for the crowds.

He posted a ton of pictures of his time with the Hoff and shows off his awesome KITT replica.See the rest of the photos here.The Hoff with Reynard Boffa

Knight Rider: A Ray of Light Amongst the Darkness

Even though the first season of the series has been over for a few months here in the States, it has garnered quite a following in the UK. According to Knight Rider Online, the back-door pilot received over 500,000 viewers on the UK Sci-Fi last week, and a 35% increase to 700,000 viewers for the first episode.We must remember how important the international audience is to the success of Knight Rider.Despite NBC leaving Knight Rider off the Fall and Mid-Season schedule, they have yet to officially announce the cancellation of the show.If you want to help with the campaign, you can follow @savekitt on Twitter, or Release: SCIFI Celebrates second week of hit ratings